El Bomba BX

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El Bomba is the Firecreek Og Backcross. Our F4 IBL stud Firecreek Og was given the chance to breed with the original run Gratefulbreath (OGKB x Joseph Og). That’s right… We have put out a 4th generation backcross of one of our best selling strains. The mother plant was chosen in the summer of 2019 from a plant that was transferred outside under the sun with many other strains in a private medical garden. The plant quickly began to dwarf all the other different strains, commanding the most real estate in the garden. Clones were taken and brought inside to keep in vegetative state as the mother plant flowered out into tall spires all over a massive bush. The original genetics being re introduced to a stable F4 cultivar will only lend even more vigor. The Joseph is so strong in this backcross being a co-parent of both sides of the Firecreek Og and then the father of Gratefulbreath. Omuerta takes pride in being a breeder that is passionate and using techniques and genetic math that other breeders aren’t even aware of or overlook in their planning and development of new strains. We are making gear to last a life time and be consistent from year to year so you, the end benefactor, can trust that what you enjoyed will be the same quality the next time.

*As always with any OGKB genetics, we recommend scuffing seeds with a fine grit sandpaper along the keel edge and pre-soak seeds until they germinate BEFORE planting. OGKB genetics are notoriously hard to crack open with a hard shell.