Ermagerd BX

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Ermagerd started as an in-house project with some Hsshf1 pollen added to one small plant of Serroquel. The seeds were few and picked through to find the best ones and then germinated early April of 2018 and ran. Clones were taken and the seed mother flowered out. The yields were rather low on the test plant around the beginning of week 8 and so it was thought to be destined for the shelf however weeks 8 and 9 fattened the flowers slightly and gave them a deep purple streak running through the cone shaped Sativa flowers.  The strain will still shoot white Pistils from crowning flower tops as it finishes and we suggest a full 9 week cycle. After drying and smoking the flowers, This new hybrid fast became an evening favorite. The smoke is smooth and as flavorful of the scent of the flower if cured properly (see our 101 blog!).

The scent is reminiscent of Lilacs and Lavender, as highly floral with a slightly pungent soapy side. Taste is thick and sweet with a strong floral freshness and earth tone. Although it is a Sativa based hybrid with a back cross breeding to its own father, The Serroquel in is lineage still holds a tight grip and makes this one for evenings as its effects are heavy bodied and more akin to an Indica based Hybrid, This one can really take your legs out from under you and sit you in the couch with a very sedative stone and body high.  Great for ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Sleep Disorder, PTSD, Muscle and Nerve pain and Creativity Blocks.