Haydens Strain F5

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Formerly Gage Green’s ‘High School Sweet Heart’; Reworked into an F4 stable cultivar.

Hayden’s Strain is named after my daughter, Hayden Sierra as she is delicate and breathtakingly beautiful. Omuerta Genetix can only take credit for the refining of this wonderful strain of Cannabis. We acquired these seeds from a friend as High School Sweet Heart proved extremely hard to find anywhere when doing the strain research and the price tag for 10 seeds was running at $400 USD on some internet sites, and they were even sold out!

I ran this strain from the F1 seeds and kept the best female and male. Cloning the male and suspending it in vegetative growth cycle; The female was cloned and cuts allowed to flower. Admittedly the first yield was anything but spectacular. The plants had a great aroma and taste but the yield from each plant was so small it wan’t even worth weighing the final product.  I found that this was the strain I would reach for first and quickly depleted the stock I had on hand. Back into the flowering chamber went the mother and father and they were bred together to offer me more seeds to choose from for the next run.

When the F2 seeds were born, 10 packs were released to presale existing customers as untested and sold out within 24 hrs. Omuerta set out to find more promising stock from our F2 masters in April of 2018 and raised 148 seeds looking for the best genetics to carry on. 2 possible fathers were found and 1 exquisite female in the F2’s. Upon flowering the F2 female cuts for 9 full weeks it was apparent the yield was larger and the flowers denser and higher quality. The OGKB runs deep in this hybrid! A lot of stretch like a Sativa plant with red striping on the stems and deep red leaf stems. Leaf structure is thin and Sativa dominant. Flowers will start as buttons around week 2 and slowly grow and fatten to week 7 when they will begin to drastically change and explode in growth and frost. Finished flowers are bright greens with purple and pink undersides coated in a glistening crust of trichomes.

Effects are light and cerebral, good for music and relaxing or socializing but with a bit of a body. Though you may feel like you want to build a rocket ship, you may give up about 10 minutes into gathering materials. The taste of Hayden’s Strain F3 is of fresh baked cherry muffins, Some of the strains we offer truly smell and taste like floral’s and fruits as we believe Cannabis IS a fine craft art and long gone are the days of grassy or woody tasting products, Growing organically and with the best genetics you can find will bring out those natural plants essences that we as breeders work hard to instill into our plants via eugenics and selection.   Hayden’s Strain is a fine example of this mission statement, selected and built for refining an already great strain into a stable F5 inbred cultivar for all to enjoy at a fraction of the original cost.

*As always with any OGKB genetics, we recommend scuffing seeds with a fine grit sandpaper along the keel edge and pre-soak seeds until they germinate BEFORE planting. OGKB genetics are notoriously hard to crack open with a hard shell.