Thousand Oaks F5

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This is our fourth release of this absolute winner. Lineage is Gage Green Groups Oaktree, a limited 1000 pack drop for the first Cannabis cup in Denver Colorado, which Omuerta has preserved. By practice of eugenics we have selectively bred the most promising of plants to bring you our F5 inbred line of this strain,

Obnoxious.. Repugnant.. Abhorrent.. Violently DANK..

 Thats how best to describe the smells and tastes that Thousand Oaks exudes. Filters must be used in vegetative state as the scents are high diesel and rubber with a sweet underlying tone that makes it linger and stick to everything. This strain has been responsible for giving people head aches and making family pets throw up at the smell during harvesting. If this combination of terpene’s and flavanoid’s had a name it would be ABUSIVE. Finished flowers will make seasoned veteran smokers tap out due to strength. Saliva factor of 9/10 on wake N bake bong load. Not for the inexperienced or weekend warrior. My own personal favorite for strength and impressing other smokers, Effects are heavy eye closer. This may be the ultimate HEAVY hitter we offer at the moment. Pinene and Mercyene just coat the mouth and hang there with every hit with this absolute day wrecker.